Oil & Gas Services

Aiding exploration and boosting production


Differentiating our performance through innovation.

Exploration & production

We’re meeting the world’s growing demand for energy


The PT Sabin Nelton Oil & Gas is a renown leader, proof-tested at working in extremely difficult environments, both onshore and offshore. We have major operations set up in some of the world’s most important oil and gas regions.

Our upstream business combines technological and environmentally-friendly innovations and the effective use of technology to maximize mature fields, discover new resources and meet the world’s growing demand for energy.


Oil & Gas

We participate in various gas and oil blocks, where our interests in upstream Sumatra markets are based on the intense demands for energy in this region.


In co-operation with our various strategic partners, we have many years of experience in developing world scale industrial and energy projects.


We are one of the leading players in the Indonesia LNG market with a number of successful experiences in developing midstream and downstream projects.

Other Energies

We believe it is necessary to explore a diverse range of energy sources to ensure both economic and environmental sustainability.